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Of course i do


I don't. Looks can be deceiving sometimes..^q^


No, I don't believe, in fact love is more than that


Hmm~ Just looking at a person... naah~ That's a tricky thought... but as you said attraction can be it~ Dunno if you can ''love'' someone you dont even know at least i've never tried it :D :P Maybe a crush? But love.. noh~

Hahaha~  Huggles* :)) Long time no speak :D Hihi~ 


I can have an infatuation or lust* like thoughts at first sight (*´艸`)。。。but as you say it takes a lot more to feel real love♥ which doesn't occur very often. The wonderful thing is that you just fine one♥ and it's all you'll ever need ^ ^。


That's true. It is tricky. Maybe a crush yeah, but I think you really need to know someone to fall in love with them. Attraction, that's something entierly different ^o^...

*Hugs* Yeah, hihi


Right! Me too, but those feelings are completely different than love. You can be attracted to pretty much anyone, but to love them I believe you have to know them. That's true, and so wonderfully put too. And that someone is worth waiting for.

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