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Grouchy Old Man

When my wife bought a set of 12 glasses for just the two of us, I thought she was crazy.

Now we have 6 ...


Happy Sunday~* Sofia!!! Sounds like you had a fun Saturday っo(*´∀`)o!!。。Sunday's usually a wind down day for me too although yes! there's always laundry to do for the upcoming week. A~h you had wine last night? I'm currently liking the cabernet/merlot wines the most o(*´∀`)o゛


Haha, your wife knows what can happen. I didn't really think I needed six glasses for just myself either, but now I have 3 so...


Thanks dear! Hai, I did have a fun Saturday...Sundays are wind down days for me as well (except the laundry that is).. ~ Yeah, I had some wine...well about half a bottle really (it was only 8,5 % alchohol though). I'm really bad at different kind of wines, but I do know that I like white wine the best.

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