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Grouchy Old Man

As I write this, it is 95 degrees (F) outside, and that's cooler than the last couple of days ... so I'm not really feeling sorry for you at the moment, lol.

Although I like cooler weather better - and DRY!

Red Mosquito

those temps sound perfect. It's been near 90 here, and humid. 

The Faustian Man

l love the cold weather! Love it! Hence I am where I am right now...waiting out the heat, and then returning to the states...


Haha, I can understand that you're not, if it's that warm! It's lucky I am here and not there then, I would die (!)...or almost at least.

Cool and dry is always better.


Ah, then I understand that my temperatures sound good.


Right! Cold is so much better. I think you made a wise choice there dear, waiting out the heat...

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